thank you, jeeves.

whelp. it’s that time again….can’t believe it’s been so long since i’ve posted. fell behind by 3 days already – life in hollywood is busy. i’ve been considering the use of this blog a lot recently, and think i might change up the topics a bit. i’m going to be making some changes & formatting. i’ve decided that i should want to post about more aspects of my life. for some reason, when i set the blog up, i had my mind set on showing off only the important things that happen [you know, the really unique/special/important things] and i’ve been stuck on that idea.

i’ve been thinking about it a lot, and have decided that i should share ALL of the aspects of my life, instead of just the really “stand out” moments. i’m going to incorporate some cooking posts, and some crafting posts, and some real estate posts – and really make this blog more about what my actual life is like vs. the limited narrow way i’ve been posting on it. ¬†all of that being said, be watching for some changes and [fingers crossed] more frequent postings FOR REALZ. now, on to more important things: the 30 days of thankful project – version 3.0

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finding nemo….

where to begin….

i know it’s MUCH closer to the last time i posted, i really am trying to keep this blog going. i have been feeling the need for some serious creative outlets lately…i started working on some friendship bracelets that i would like to eventually sell on etsy or something. i’ve also been thinking it’s time for another sewing machine. i saw the CUTEST shirt some girl made from a thrift store find. [i am NOT really a thrift store kind of girl, but if you take something old & make it into something new & exciting - that i can get behind]

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